Brown Duster Kimono and Palazzo Pants

Brown Duster Kimono and Palazzo Pants



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Kimono Styled Duster Coat paired with Palazzo Pants, made from a Brown or Black Textured Damask Silk Blend.

PLEASE NOTE: Accurate measurements are needed for perfect fit. Measurements needed are;

Full Kimono Length (From Shoulder to desired length)
High Waist
Round Thigh
Trouser Length (From High Waist to desired length)

Designed and Produced with Love in Lagos, Nigeria 

  • Kimono Bust circ = 102cm/ 40 inches
  • Kimono Waist circ = 89cm/35 inches
  • Kimono Hip Circ = 102cm/40 inches
  • Kimono Lenght = 152.5cm/60 inches
  • Trouser Waist circ = 74cm/29 inches
  • Trouser Hip Circ = 102cm/40 inches
  • Trouser Lenght = 115cm/ 45 inches

Above measurements are based on a 5 ft 4 Model and wears a TITIBELO a Size Small Set.

Colors may vary due to lighting on images. The product images are closest to the true color of the product.

Fabric Composition: Silk/Soft Damask

Care Instructions: Hand Wash and Line Dry

Processing Time: 5 Working Days