Zephans and Co.

Putting their heart and craft into every piece design, Zephans and Co. is a ready to wear brand for women all around the

Orange and Black print flare gown

Nkiru Achukwu being the creative director holds an accounting degree from Univesity of Benin Edo sate Nigeria. then proceeded to study Fashion/Apparel design from ESMOD Dubai. She started the luscious wears for women journey in 2018 with the aim of beautifying women around the world with

Red and Black print skirt and top


One of Nkirus drive as a fashion creative is to be able to create an avenue where people can look amazing without breaking the bank. Growing up, she had been serenaded with fashion designing and dress making. Her mum being a fashion designer played a huge role with her passion for African attires. She grew up observing her mom wile also putting little fabrics together for her dolls and cousins. 

She is currently experimenting male affordable fashion for men. 

Most of  Zephans and Co fabrics are locally sourced from Aba, Abia state Nigeria, majorly because they are pretty affordable and of good quality. She is also a believer of sustaining the African fashion industry through her brand. She mostly employs local artisans and creatives to make gowns, co-ords, and pants. Her brand has grown to be an household name within the Nigeria fashion industry and west Africa fashion world at

   Pink and white tones pants and long sleeve top

Her designs are versatile yet unique. Various fabrics are used in bringing outstanding designs into reality; such as print, Adire, Silk, Duchess silk, Cotton, etc.

One of Zephans and co. signature is the interesting prints on fabrics, It seamlessly showcases the beauty in contemporary African fashion.

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     Yellow work wear

Price Range: $70-$160

 N 30,000- N60,000