Wanni Fuga

African Fashion designer Toluwani Wabara, is the brain behind the Wanni Fuga concept. Her designs are centred around African gowns and two pieces for women who will like to stand out in any formal occasion, party, wedding, religious event, homecoming, African history month or family reunion. These clothing are carefully made with locally and responsibly sourced materials to be made by the best designers from Africa and can be ordered to your custom fit.

 Wine and Blue maxi wrap dress/gown

Toluwani Wabara holds an Engineering bachelor's degree from the University of Sheffield. She is one to be described as fierce and passionate about her business which is promoting African Fashion excellence through her craft. It is safe to say her engineering skills have been rightly fused with her fashion skills. Her Nigerian born contemporary brand has grown internationally since its establishment in 2014.


From the look of things, Toluwani is a lover of neutral colours, aesthetics and everything beautiful.

One of her signature fabrics is combinations of silk aided with high quality cotton. Her Madame collection is a good example of this. The Madame collection is to inspire strength and confidence in women. This collection uncovers a contemporary, chic and ethereal look for the Wanni Fuga woman. This collection is defined by a muted palette of ecru, fiery red, sage green and brown; the colours of the earth. 

Wanni Fuga's Maxi dresses are best paired with turbans and comfortable slippers or shoes depending on the occasion. A MiraChamp bag will knock off an absolute look.

Toluwani got the capital to launch Wanni Fuga on personal funds an d family grants. See how to get funding as an African creative

Since its establishment, Wanni Fuga has spread its creative tents across African countries

  • Abidjan couleur concept +22559561313
  • Lagos Wanni Fuga studio 38a Adebayo Doherty, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.
  • Ghana viva boutique viva boutique, Osu-re Accra, Ghana
  • Senegal scbd - sassy chic boutique Dakar sicap karak. Dakar, Senegal.
  • United states pop of culture marketplace

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      Powder Blue  strap wrap dress

Price Range: $70-$200

 N 29,000- N90,000