Elizabeth Oluyemi created templa8e in 2020 dreaming inspection from versatility and timelessness.

Templa8te is the perfect fuse of Rihanna & Marylin Monroe inspired by versatility and timelessness.

The concept of the brand is to create staple feminine & utilitarian pieces, that can stand on their own and have a very sculptural quality about them.

Nude color Crepe gown with adjustable waist line

Elizabeth believes that clothes should be perfectly imperfect and need to be nuanced to be beautiful, like nature, no two things are ever the same.

She enjoys creating timeless pieces & uniting like-minded people in their aesthetic ideas.

Her fashion believe systems are:

1.Creating a lifestyle, of pieces which transition from day to night effortlessly
2. Designing for the moving eye and experimenter
3.  To curate a wardrobe full of magical timeless pieces
4. Elizabeth believes getting lost in detail and textures is a wonderful place to be found.
5.Beautiful pieces are meant to be passed down
6. Perfection is never perfect
7.Good design is not over design

Cotton of all kinds are maximised while making templa8e designs. 

You will definitely love a fashtracker favorite; 1964 (a brand that focuses on stylish pieces for the modern woman.)


You can pair Templat8e beautiful gowns with cute earrings from  Fashtracker. it will definitely be a show stopper 

Price Range: $72-$150

   N 30,000-N 63,000