The brand, which was formed in 2018, was created with the intention of producing classic, romantic pieces with exquisite detailing for the sophisticated modern woman.

To fill a market gap, the company initially introduced its lingerie line. Then, in 2020, the company successfully debuted its SIÉ by PEPSKRU clothing collection, which was inspired by lingerie.

She is elegant, or SIÉ. The apparel line for the brand was a well-planned effort made for women to further showcase the beauty, originality, and distinctive essence of a SIE woman. They contend that women share the softness, strength, and simplicity of these textiles, which when combined offer a woman the elegance to wear and move in them with style.

As a woman, she believes that every woman possesses a demure grace, that beauty defines her identity, and that self-love is what allows her to fully recognise the beauty she already possesses. She works hard to design the classic silhouette that gives her a sense of self-worth, sexiness, elegance, and power all at once.

The PEPSKRU brand still draws its inspiration from a central theme of elegance and self-love. Every woman should dress elegantly for bed in our lingerie, and as she travels through life wearing a Sié item, we want to set a trend where she looks radiantly confident and ready to start the day experiencing self-love.