Pearls & Portraits

Wunmi, the Creative Director, is a recent fashion and textile graduate with a focus on print and embroidery design.
Pearls & Portraits is a unique new brand whose designs are inspired by picturesque prints that tell a story through each extraordinary piece. Our print inspirations range from pearl divers to jewelry store front windows, among other things. The label creates printed tailored garments with luxury fabrics, ensuring that each piece is unique in the printed fashion market. The intricate designs of Pearls & Portraits are embroidered with gold detailing, and prints are either hand made or produced from our own photography, paintings, and drawings.
With bold statement designs, the collection captures an elegant female aesthetic.

Portraits and Pearls This is the go-to contemporary brand for tailored shapes and retro prints.

This tailored collection was inspired by the toile de jour textile; the decorative pattern focuses on field workers in the 18th century and includes flamboyant florals, making the garments beautiful and unique. A portion of the collection pays homage to the 18th century by including hidden details of workers toiling over the flowers.

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