Ozzina is self-sustaining, autonomous social company focused on fashion, leisure, and culture. They provide fresh and innovative ways to enjoy the best in West African and global fashion. They take pride in highlighting the progress, inspiration, and outcomes of the Nigerian fashion industry, with a focus on style, individuality, and authenticity. Through our choice of the greatest African collections, they hope to encourage everyone who values local innovation while also making buying easier. They operate as a socially empowered team with the purpose of making the relationships between people and the clothing that matters to them even more meaningful. 

Ozinna Anumudu is a Nigerian entrepreneur with experience in branding and communications, as well as a flair for Nigerian fashion firms. She is the creator of Ozinna.com and the Nigerian communications business TSC Agency. Ozinna's diverse skills in integrating branding and fashion have confirmed her as an industry tastemaker and innovator. She is well-travelled and knowledgeable about the very best of global fashion, as well as enthusiastic about the Nigerian fashion business.

Nova Set Champagne

She acts as the lead curator for Ozinna.com, exploring identities via timeless and trend-setting pieces evocative of tradition and adventure, inspired by a combination of her intuitive fashion sense and passion for self-expression. Ozinna's distinct fashion sense has established her as a style icon, and she continues to inspire a community of people to be their most confident, creative, and authentic selves. Ozinna now resides in Lagos, Nigeria.