Established in June 2021, Orire is a Contemporary African fashion brand committed to exploring artistic femininity through distinct artisanal craftsmanship and conscious production.

Their manufacturing process prioritizes quality and we take pride in using sustainable fabrics, aiming to reduce harm through our production process. Most of our products are produced in small batches at our studio in Lagos, Nigeria while others are produced on a made-to-order basis to eliminate excess and allow flexibility to thier customers by providing the option to customize fit.

Fashtracker Pink maxi silk dress

Creativity, innovation, social and environmental responsibility sit equally in their brand ethos. Around the world, we work with entrepreneurs who share their values. The brand has developed quality relationships with its tailors and local fabric suppliers, and works to ensure that every team member who touches the clothing is treated respectfully with fair wages and working conditions.

Through responsible production, socially and environmentally growing practices, they are contributing to create a more transparent fashion industry.

Accessorizing saves you time, because it allows you pick out an outfit that you are already familiar with and one that you have probably already worn many times. 


Gold Non-Tarnish Bracelet with Crystal


Gold Non-Tarnish Bracelet with Crystal

All you are doing is just changing the look by adding a few extra accessories here and there. Fashtraker has got the right accessories for each outfit.