Myra Woman

Myra woman was founded in May 2016 by Matilda Akinsuyi. Before being an entrepreneur, she holds a graduate diploma in law from Nottingham Law School and a B.L, in Law from the Nigerian Law School. 
Myra Woman was developed to empower women by delivering timeless and exquisite items of work/offices and event wear. It is also a brand that designs fashionable work and event apparel for young professionals, executives, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and aspiring entrepreneurs.
Customers' experiences are enhanced seamlessly on the website as they are broken into sections; work, Occasion, Bridals, Maternity, Accessories, and Shoes. The firm accepts payments in both Naira and Dollars from both local and international customers. The price range is as low as $35 upwards and has the sale section for more discounted prices

Myra Woman is a fashion brand creating stylish  work wears and occasion wears for young professionals, executives, business leaders, entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs. Want to make sure you have the best and exquisite styles you need,  Myra works effortlessly to make it happen.

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Price Range: $35-$150

N 14,000- N 63,000