Mille Collines

Kuba Cape

In Kigali in 2008, Antoinette, a Rwandan seamstress, and Ines, a Spanish design student, crossed paths. This is where the mille collines tale begins.

They both held the same ideal, which was that combining their respective talents would result in the invention of ground-breaking items in Africa.
Marc, Ines' best friend, joined her in Rwanda, and under Antoinette's guidance they developed the first clothing line.
The artisans and creative team at the original Kigali Atelier chose the name "Atelier des mille collines" when the firm was co-founded by Marc and Ines in 2009.
Le pays des mille collines, the French name for Kigali, translates to "the land of a thousand hills."

Since their items are manufactured by human hands, they believe that when they are made with love and care, joy can be transmitted into the product.

In a group, they are one. 

They are made up of the individuals who contribute to our brand; they are based on the value of community, starting with their team and continuing with the people who work to produce t goods and serve their customers.
As a brand, we only believe in growth if everyone can progress alongside them. 
They appreciate their connections with our partner makers by paying them with respect, as well as by cultivating long-lasting bonds with them.  

They are devoted to manufacturing all of their goods in Africa.
They create timeless pieces that don't follow fashion fads since we want your clothes to travel with you for as long as possible.
They hope that people would keep, treasure, and pass on their works to their loved ones.  

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