Lohije arose from a desire for originality and the telling of unique stories. We believe that this produces authentic style. Every piece of clothing should have meaning. It should be able to speak of our African strengths, art, individuality, weaknesses, successes, and failures. The ability to tell our own stories in our own unique way is the most powerful of all.

Lohije is a fashion line focused on Africa's distinct aesthetics, and we take pride in environmentally friendly practices while pursuing ethnic, ethical, and contemporary fashion.

The Lohije team aspires to positively change people's perceptions of and acceptance of African fashion by showcasing and celebrating what is truly ours, as well as to influence society to imbibe the sustainability culture in fashion as it affects other aspects of life.

From fabric design to sewing, their outlandish designs feature structural and fluid patterns. We believe that this represents a significant part of African culture, and they are proud to display it.

They source their materials locally and organically and ensure that there is no waste through tactical and skilled cutting and reuse of leftover materials. They are also concerned about the future of their local crafts and, as a result, employ Local artisans who are experts in traditional cloth weaving, dyeing, and other forms of traditional textile making while infusing modern day innovation to satisfy the growing demand for contemporary fashion.

Their pieces are wearable works of art that are both socially conscious and fashionable.

They also ensure that these artisans work and live in very good conditions because they are such an important part of the design process.


Accessorize with Fashtracker to give an elegant finish look. pair multicolored dress with our Raffia earing