Lialiandu is plus size feet brand on a mission to inspire women to live unapologetically stylish! 

 Lialiandu wants you to enjoy the experience of shopping with them, and fall in love at first sight. They are all about the perfect fit and bringing you that warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you go out to dinner in your new shoes.

           Blue squared slippers heels

They are based in Lagos, Nigeria and hope to deliver pieces that are Stylish, daring but most importantly comfortable ranging from size 40 to 46.

       Nude pencil heels


Their shoes are not just for events they want people to be comfortable putting on their shoes to gala events, work, dinner, even in the comfort of your house. If you love to play dress up well they are the perfect fit for you too.

 If you are a lover of Lialiandu, then you have got to love Nugwa (Nugwa is focused on promoting African culture, through the production of versatile & affordable shoes for women using locally sourced and sustainable raw materials.)