Lady Biba

It all started with a vintage sewing machine given to Bibi, by her  aunt; Aunty Nike who first introduced her to the art of making clothes.

Biba who was inspired by her aunt, has carved out a niche for herself in the fashion world. Biba was always captivated by the world of design and how particular skirts or dresses fit women especially tall women.
 She began her career as an independent fashion blogger, then as a fashion journalist, with stints in publications such as Thisday Style, Fab Magazine, and Arise Fashion Week Magazine. Internships in fashion 
Freed from concept limitations and a rigorous commitment to style consistency, Lady Biba was birthed to produce clothes to fit all body types especially curvy women, Aesthetically pleasing garments that do not sacrifice practicality, and Elegance.
Lady Bibia encourages local handcraft by sourcing high-quality raw materials locally and assembling teams with competence in all phases of the creative process. From conception to completion, architecture to communication and photography, and retail interior design to final product display.
Corporate social responsibility can manifest itself in a variety of ways. The firm values women's equality, a pleasant working environment, labour rules, and fair trade.

Lady Biba is Known for gowns  that flatter different body types especially curvy women, aesthetically pleasing garments that do not sacrifice practicality and always elegant.

        Bimbo Dress Navyblue And MustardBimbo Dress Navyblue And MustardBimbo Dress Navyblue And Mustard Bimbo Dress Navyblue And MustardBimbo Dress Navyblue And Mustard

Lady Biba Ladies Work Wear Gown . By African Fashion Brand and Made in Africa

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Price Range: $30-$120

  N 12,000- 50,000