Their first item was a basic gold necklace with an elaborate handmade leaf pendant, inspired by the pure satisfaction of being able to make something important and lovely out of nothing. A timeless item for the refined woman who knows who she is and is proud of it.

Seli Aba Shirt Dress

Years later, they continue to produce their cherished trademark pieces and have expanded the Kua line to include beaded jewellery, 18K gold jewellery, and other valued products for ladies. Their distinctive clutch bags are the most popular, developed from the satisfaction of being able to re-purpose and create something beautiful out of everyday African print fabrics that, for years, were mostly used to manufacture traditional garments worn by women.

Akuaba Nipa Clutch Bag

They are promoting independence and sustainability by purchasing textiles in local marketplaces, teaching employees with useful skills, and enthusiastically investing in the women on whose backs Ghanaian communities are founded. They are always "Keeping Us Authentic."

Kua takes pleasure in the fact that no two goods are the same. Their creations remind you how distinctive and unique you are, from their unique stones collected from over the world to the actual and various leaves they use in their gold jewellery to the locally produced fabric and leather that are combined, matched, and cut differently.

Kua Designs' creative director and visionary are Ruby Buah.

Ruby made a big move in 2009, transitioning from spreadsheets and financial statements to metals and textiles. In a nutshell, Ruby transitioned from finance to fashion.

It all started when she was working as a financial analyst at Coca-Cola Enterprises in Atlanta, Georgia. Ruby, looking for a creative outlet, began studying various types of painting in her leisure time.

What began as a pastime in jewellery-making swiftly grew into a company. She came to New York three years after starting her part-time jewellery company to get a degree in Jewellery Design at the famed Fashion Institute of Technology. Unsurprisingly, she expanded her jewellery brand by adding an equally intriguing handbag collection. After a few years of running her elegant store in Ghana, she added a children's brand in 2015.

She makes an effort to appreciate the less glamorous aspects of her profession as much as she treasures the finished items that line the shelves of her posh store in Accra, Ghana.

Bringing it all full circle, her cosmopolitan, elegant jewellery collection is inspired by her travels throughout the world, while her handbag brand pays homage to her native Ghana. She is a mother and a wife. She may be found building memories with her family when she is not crafting gorgeous things.

Zela Kaku Necklace

Their employees are taught useful skills such as handicrafts, retail management, and others, and they are given the opportunity to advance in leadership while still supporting their families. It's amazing to observe how many people have matured over the years to take on new duties in our small Kua family.