kkerelé is a Lagos-based design firm interested in how mindful craft informs mindful life. This sensibility pervades our footwear collection. Informed by Africa's rich history of leather production, their trademark footwear designs embrace the material's adaptability by developing basic but striking shapes. kkerelé's shoes and sandals deviate from predominantly gendered conceptions of symmetry in footwear design, allowing everyone to add a little adventure, play, and mystery to their wardrobes. They are a process that is iterative and based on experience. This means that we appreciate the process of production as well as the joy and happiness obtained from using items.

They are extremely sensitive to flux, impermanence, and change. Their designs are frequently the result of several moods, viewpoints, and meaning adjustments.

They considered themselves to be historians and guardians of history. Their work refers to earlier generations' ideas, designs, events, artists, and art movements. They feel that sharing and cooperation have enormous possibilities. They believe that kkerelé will become a dynamic platform for people, concepts, and cultures to engage.

They don't believe in wasting anything. The importance of continuity and circularity cannot be overstated. Everything is redistributable. A local network of suppliers, producers, and other practitioners supports kkerele's work. We consider ourselves a node in this network for varied and significant creative activity, and we hope that their work continues to recognise previous and present artisanal traditions while supporting the creation of new ones.

Their principles are in line with the needs of global slow fashion movements, and they try to transform them into meaningful goals in our local environment. They are committed to safeguarding their world and its ecosystems against exploitative activities. They are aware that the institutions that support these activities are substantial in scale, and they are also aware that the beliefs and habits that sustain them are deeply embedded. But we are also aware that we are not alone. Sustaining the imagination and movement toward alternate ideas is a collaborative effort, and we are excited to meet individuals who share our enthusiasm for mindful creation and mindful living.