Birthed in October 2019 by Michelle Adepoju, Inspired by her British and Nigerian(Ondo) upbringing, Michelle Adepoju infuses a combination of subcultures from each world and molds them into developing statements fashion for the contemporary day woman of today. Michelle is continuously drawing notions from factors discovered in different eras and traditions, as she strives to bridge the gap between conventional African designs and modern-day fashion.

Each Kilentar piece is made with intentions behind it. It is essential for each consumer who owns a Kilentar piece to recognize that they're now no longer simply modelling a lovely piece of clothing, however, they're shopping for a piece of our story and our culture.”

Fashtracker - Aso oke two piece (Mini skirt and bell sleeves adjustable top)

Kilentar believes in developing excessive-quality, distinct pieces, created using fabric and materials hand sourced from exceptional components of the world. Kilentar pieces are made-to-order ranging in sizes UK 4-22. they need all girls to experience blanketed and cushty in our portions, and because of this, we provide a made to measure option, catering to ladies of all styles and sizes presenting them a personalized healthy at no extra charge.

Kilentar works closely with female artisans in Nigeria to create handwoven, and hand-dyed materials for some of their pieces. From Aso Oke to Adiré each material is uniquely and carefully made to the requirements of Kilentar.
So far they have explored cities in Nigeria, Burkina Faso, and Ivory Coast to create timeless pieces, and we aim to continue to expand on this. their sustainable ethics means they aim to limit wastage at each level of their supply chain, repurpose any textile scraps and donate when possible. They are ever conscious of our impact and never sacrifice quality or ethics for affordability.

   Fashtracker- Cloth rack filed with adire dresses/cloth

To get the absolute best from Kilentar pieces, you should accessorize them with cute Jewelries and lovely bags and footwear. Our Mirachamp Ring bag will be an absolute show-stopper if matched with Kilentar's Green and White Tito top.

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