Jennys Glow

Jennifer is a Nigerian skin care and beauty entrepreneur and the founder of Jenny's Glow Beauty products Venture.
Igbinoba Jennifer, also known as Jenny's Glow, is a successful Nigerian skin care and cosmetics business owner who has humbled herself in the beauty industry to own some of the most spectacular innovations and largest selling skin care and beauty products in Nigeria.

Jenny's Glow is from Edo state's Oredo local government area. She attended Idia Girls College in Benin City before being admitted to Ambrose Alli University (AAU) in Edo State in 2011.

She registered her brand with the corporate affairs commission (CAC) and went on to build an empire through hard work, sleepless nights, and self-determination. Jenny's Glow Skincare began at the bottom. Jenny's Glow is the mind behind the most incredible discovery of superpower products for skin and beauty, as well as the best-selling products in Nigeria.
Igbinoba Jennifer founded 'Jenny's Glow' in 2017 and has received numerous testimonials from clients all over the world.