Issa and Kendi

Issa and Kendi an indigenous Nigerian footwear brand, out to represent the chic vibrancy of the modern African woman. Their shoes come in a variety of colors with classic shapes and glamorous sparkle to liven up any wardrobe.


Issa and Kendi is a female luxury footwear brand where comfort and beauty meet.

The brand offers a range of footwear from low square heels to high block heels all expected to portray elegance and give comfort. 


It’s hard not to put this brand as a fashtracker favorite. While it sells  within the “normal” price. Issa&Kendi has the one of the best footwear designs you can find in the African fashion space.  

If you love Issa&kendi you will also find Nugwa designs amusing. Nugwa is focused on promoting African culture, through the production of versatile & affordable shoes for women using locally sourced and sustainable raw materials.


           White cowry slippers


Price Range: N15,000-N30,000