Established in Lagos in 2014, IHEKUBI, pronounced- 'ee-hay-koo-bee' (an Igbo proverb that translates to 'something of great value' or 'your most prized possession'. This is at the heart of their approach to the women they dress.

Black two piece. joggers and sweat shirt

Their versatility ranges from Nigerian Aso-ebi, to wedding dress, Evening wears, and made to measure. They also have ready to wear in stock for Ihekubi brand lovers. Shopping with them is pretty simple, but shopping with Fashracker is seamless 😊

If you love this brand, then you have got to love Titi Bello a premium women’s brand offering a Made To Measure label, accessories, and bridal services to women. She sees clothes as a tool with which women can feel empowered - emotionally for the wearer and financially for the dressmaker.

       Kimono Inspired Maxi Wrap Dress
African fashion designs at it finest