Heem Walker

Heem Walker is a high-end clothing company known for its honesty, craftsmanship, and proficiency in footwear and leather accessories.

Raheem A. created and registered Heem Walker in 2019. Heem Walker was established to meet the need for quality bespoke footwear that is handcrafted locally and meets international standards at the greatest possible price.

Customers may get excellent handcrafted footwear and other apparel items from us. The elites who demand good value for money. They offer to bridge the gap between high-end designer items and low-cost luxury.

Their purpose is to provide a way for their consumers to save money while still receiving high-quality premium products. When there is a time lag in the production system due to the third party production team, long production times and delayed deliveries ensue.

In order to reduce time lag, we must assume absolute control of the production system and implement an efficient production system.

The Nigerian leather market environment is unstable and largely uncontrolled, resulting in a high saturation of poorer quality materials and an intermittent supply of quality materials.

To address the issue of standardisation, we are establishing control over the supply of raw materials.