The idea for ENZI came about when Jawad visited Azariah in Ethiopia, where they discovered a plentiful supply of quality leather and the burgeoning footwear industry. The company works with production partners in Ethiopia and Kenya to create elegant and casual shoes from high-quality materials and designs. ENZI describes itself as a company that “wants to break the pessimistic view of Africa and produce shoes of the best quality in Africa for the world market. In line with its mission, ENZI creates sustainable jobs in local communities in Kenya and Ethiopia and contributes significantly to the growth of the African continent while producing quality shoes for fashionable men around the world.

ENZI shoes are made of high-quality materials. They take their time selecting the finest leather to ensure that they deliver premium goods to their customers. They work closely with their suppliers to source the highest-quality leather they can find for their main collection, while using off-cut leather for their made-to-order shoes to produce less waste.

Because they use leather from animals that have lived a full life, each of their shoes is unique and may differ slightly. This also provides much-needed income to the farmers and local producers with whom we work.

They collaborate with a local artisan to create an eco-friendly shoe box made from the fibers of the local plant and recycled paper.

Nkrumah Black

Each shoe box is handcrafted from the ground up.

They also help a small local outreach program that assists vulnerable HIV-positive women and teaches them an ancient traditional skill of making indigenous cotton fabrics. This program provides them with all of their cotton fabrics for their bags.