EKI's distinctive soft silks and airy chiffons create exquisite drapings and flowing shapes. The designs are designed with the modern woman in mind, and include a mix of practical separates and lovely kaftans that are light and simple to travel with and relax in.

The tale behind the print, as is common with EKI, drives the significance behind each collection. This is then combined with exquisite silhouettes to create a strong fashion story. We've created a story around the prints, which tell stories about nature, culture, and travel, all while being inspired by Africa.

They have opted to collaborate with and support women-owned businesses; their production is made in London in a studio run by two ladies with years of experience in the fashion industry.  They've always kept their main production base in London, with a modest studio in Greece as a backup.

The experienced designers and seamstresses with whom they collaborate are extremely precise in the process of sewing Eki clothes. Each piece is hand-cut and will take several hours to complete. Because of the nature of silk and its movement, it is a tough fabric to deal with; adding to the difficulty is matching the patterns with our EKI prints.

Hazel, who was born in a small area in Germany, raised in Nigeria, and now lives in London, incorporates elements of nature, culture, and travel into her designs, always with Africa in mind.
Her interest with culture and colour encouraged her to seek her own profession in fashion after working in Asset Management for 8 years. And, while she enjoys the adrenaline of catwalk displays and spectacular photoshoots, she felt there could be more. She is inspired by her cultural experiences, particularly her West African ancestry, which she believes to be extremely rich in storytelling. Growing up in Lagos, a vibrant and culturally varied city, she gained an appreciation for Africa's vibrant and earthy colours.


The notion of EKI (formerly called as EKI ORLEANS) was born in Africa. Despite the fact that she is based in the United Kingdom, her print influences are deeply entrenched in Africa. The anecdotes she shares evoke a sense of nostalgia. Africa is tremendously rich in culture and colour; it's a joy to dig into that depth of beauty and tell stories. There is usually a splash of colour, with a characteristic orange hue running through most patterns. Her favourite colour is orange, which she associates with the warm, rich, and earthy hues of West African soil. It is comfortable and always welcoming.


She leads a highly sustainable life; she values nature, recycles, walks, and is careful of not wasting, therefore she made it her aim to incorporate sustainability into her brand.
When you are a long-lasting brand, you care. Your goal moves from draining everyone and cutting corners to maintaining a conscience and adhering to your ethical ideals.