Eclectic Chique

Eclectic Chique combines modern designs with classic African heritage, all inspired by a love of the arts. Vibrant colors, traditional prints, and rich embellishments combine to create truly one-of-a-kind pieces for your wardrobe or home, all handcrafted by Nigerian artisans. They collaborate closely with ethical fabric suppliers in the local community, and they strive to use safe dyes, minimize waste in the dying process, and reduce their carbon footprint in manufacturing and distribution.

Teni Majekodunmi founded the brand in 2012 to raise the bar for African products on a global scale, with a clear focus on developing the craft industry in Nigeria and empowering women in the process. Our artisans are at the heart of Eclectic Chique; in addition to a strict minimum wage policy, we have strategically located our manufacturing headquarters to be within walking distance of many of our artisans, reducing staff expenses and helping to reduce carbon emissions from transportation. We prefer to source from female-owned businesses and take pride in the fact that 95 percent of our raw materials are sourced locally, helping to boost our economy and continue to support the community through the creation of beautiful products that celebrate our heritage.

Whether you're new to the practice or have been perfecting poses for years, our yoga bags are perfect for any yogi. This accessory is made from durable African print cotton fabric has a zipper compartment and an inner pocket to keep small essentials while on the move. Adjust the strap to carry it cross-body.

Social responsibility is at forefront of our minds at Eclectic Chique. Paying a fair wage, we work very closely with our artisans in Nigeria who lovingly produce our socially conscious products ensuring uniqueness and high quality.

Made in Nigeria. Be inspired... Be unique... Love Eclectic Chique

Each piece is brilliantly hand made, which means that employees learn new skills throughout their time at Eclectic Chique, while customers are assured of high-quality products.

A vibrant touch of African heritage combined with modern designs and feminine influence creates a truly eclectic look!

Change the focal point of your outfit with a vibrant print halo headband.

The Iranti collection is a tribute to Mammam (our founder's Grandma) and childhood memories in Nigeria. Take a trip down memory lane with nostalgic prints evocative of childhood comforts and whimsical sentimentality. Cypress print is bright, bold and beautiful; she takes inspiration from scotch eggs and knitting yarns - a perfect combination? We think so.... These prints were lovingly were created and perfected to not only honor my Mammam but to inspire others.

We like to think of Iranti as wearable art, with the goal of creating jobs through design". With love - Teni Majekodunmi (Founder)
Made in Nigeria

Ode to Mammam
About her scotch eggs we boasted
The breadcrumbs were toasted
Tree top bottles clinking
Too much tea to be drinking
Crotchet and knitting
On apoti she’s sitting
Many laughs between all of her thinking

Be inspired... Be unique...

Eclectic Chique


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