Dye Lab

Dye Lab is a small batch production craft brand exploring dyeing techniques to create products that offer a practical yet artisanal sensibility.


             Multi color adire -MIDI

     Adire is a durable dyed material made and worn by the Yoruba tribe of southwestern Nigeria in West Africa. The Yoruba label adire, meaning 'tied and dyed', was first implemented in the early 20th century on indigo-dyed material with robust patterns. .With the advent of a wider range of colors from imported artificial dyes in the second half of the 20th century, the 'adire' label increasingly consisted of a large number of hand-dyed textiles printed using Resist batik wax techniques, creating a fantastic variety of hues and shades.

             Blue and white adire maxi gown

Dye Lab only do rich colours that portray the African royalty. They have successfully stayed true to African Fashion in how their designs are illustrated. Every piece is well detailed with dye patterns and we love it. Dye lab make use of High-quality Cotton to showcase the quality of dye.

         White and yellow maxi dress

Price Range: $155-$200

          N 65,000-N 83,000

If you love Dye Lab, then you will love Swims by Didi. 

         blue, red, yellow bikini set

SwimsbyDidi is a Ghanaian swimwear brand, and one of Ghana’s fastest growing swimwear brands, delivering the best quality swimsuits to women of all shapes and sizes. The brand designs basic colored swimsuits, which are tailored for all body types to ensure women of all sizes get their perfect fit.

          Purple dikini

 Their aim is to make women of all shapes and sizes feel confident and sexy.