CHéCHI, a Lagos-based sustainable fashion business, was founded by women for women. They want to empower you, the nomadic lady, via fashion and design inspired by the many and multifaceted cultures of Africa. The brand hopes that the Chechi lady will be able to embrace her feminine energy and power as a result of our design.

Chechi prioritises multi-functionality and durability in our clothing designs, so you may use your Chechi garment for any occasion and it will last longer. They hope that Chechi will be the brand with which you choose to be brave and live life.

Most significantly, since the Chechi woman comes in all sizes and shapes, they strive to include body diversity in all of their designs. 

Chechi is inspired by the modern African woman's lifestyle. We exist to empower African women to be whomever they want to be.

Their clothing is lovingly produced in Lagos by two women-run textile companies. As a result, they are deeply committed to issues impacting women, such as the gender wage gap and dangerous working conditions, among many others.

They seek to dispel the impression that things created in Africa are of poor quality since they have some of the top craftspeople in the world working in Nigeria, which is why they are committed to their partners and tailors in Lagos. 

They feel that as a sustainability fashion label, they have made a commitment to not only design beautiful items of the highest quality possible, but to also keep the earth and people in mind. Chechi's identity includes ethical manufacturing, and they plan to maintain this commitment as they expand their worldwide community of #theCHéCHIwoman. As a result, they make small quantities and ensure that they sell out before launching a new collection, reducing dead stock. They also have a pre-order mechanism, which helps them cut down on dead stock even more.

Your CHéCHI items are packed in biodegradable recyclable paper. The stickers and cards included with your order are created in-house and printed on post-consumer paper, which is virtually recycled. 

Simultaneously, they want to retain honesty and responsibility, so they strive to be as transparent as possible. First and foremost, being 100 percent sustainable is a challenge for any company, large or small. As a result, their objective is to endeavour to include as many sustainable practices as feasible into our company strategy and production processes.

As their business and community develop, they hope to find new methods to be more conscious of their influence on people and the environment. This, however, takes time, so they've established certain goals for themselves to work toward.

Chechi's Creative Director and Founder is Uchechi Arinze. She studied architecture at the University of Lagos and also works as an artist and a startup consultant.


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