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African Mosaique's history is one of celebration, creativity, and intercontinental cooperation. It is about creating a collective culture, showing African inspiration and skill, and creating and showcasing top-notch items that are sourced, designed, and developed in Africa.

African Mosaique, AM is a fashion and design firm with headquarters in Africa. Its mission is to support the production and export of apparel, textiles, accessories, and fashion from Africa to domestic, regional, and global markets. African Mosaique was established to take the initiative in maximising Africa's potential in the fashion sector.

operating out of Ethiopia in the Legetafo neighbourhood on the outskirts of Addis Abeba. For both itself and other small and medium-sized manufacturers, it has constructed a fully integrated design centre.

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In addition, a research and development centre that focuses on traditional craftsmanship, an innovation centre, a workforce development centre, and space for small businesses that specialise in sample making are among the additional services provided. A second branch will soon open in the city of Bahr Dar.

African Mosaique was developed and launched with the intention of taking the lead in enabling Africa to realise its full creative potential. By capitalising on the value of tradition, history, heritage, and creativity that has largely gone untapped despite the availability of raw materials and skilled designers and artisans, we hope to expand the business and significantly benefit the African economy.

In addition, and as part of our goal, we strongly believe that it is important to safeguard, support, and develop regional customs that help to define our identity and illuminate our history. Consumer markets are becoming more interested in the histories and origins of the goods they buy. With Ethiopia serving as the launchpad and regional hub, the African Mosaique business model and value proposition would move away from the conventional outsourcing to low-cost labor-Africa narrative. Instead, it would tell the tale of how African entrepreneurs pooled their resources to create a network and a leading global fashion brand.

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They are aware that similar challenges are faced by designers across Africa, including a lack of institutional support, appropriate training programmes, sustainable raw material sourcing, hard and soft equipment, and a proper awareness of customer expectations and norms. African designers frequently lack the funding necessary to establish a retail presence and distribution capabilities in important consumer markets.