AABOUX is a trendy and luxury leather business that makes limited-edition designs, founded in 2017 by Zainab Aliyu (CEO & Creative Director). Their emphasis with leather accessories is on quality, inventiveness, and creating a statement.

The team explores many attractive shapes with unique mixes of widely and ethically sourced skins and textured leathers, which are proudly produced in Lagos, Nigeria, by third-generation craftsmen. They exemplify classic design, elegance, and style.
Their bags have a characteristic stitch-less structure with rivets that combines elegance and usefulness. All goods are created in small batches and with limited-edition fine leathers. Every design feels like a kid born with love and pride.
They are excited and happy to be a part of altering the narrative about Africa by shattering preconceptions and exceeding expectations.

They are a value chain mindful company that sources their skins responsibly from agricultural byproducts. They aggressively want to partner with women-owned businesses.
They also intend to reduce waste by producing products that maximise resources. To eliminate surplus inventory, they also provide a Made To Order service. We are committed to developing our workforce and creating a safe workspace, paying fair and living wages (not minimum wage), providing flexible working options for women, inclusion and diversity in the workplace.

They are enthusiastic about altering the story of Africa by busting preconceptions and excelling in our craft, customer service, and experience from beginning to end.
Essence Magazine's September/October 2021 issue highlighted AABOUX.