Twenty Six

Twenty Six is a fashion label for women and men who want clothing that is functional, simple, and stylish. their pieces enable you to move through your days looking and feeling your best – free, comfortable, and elegant without the constraints of trends – thanks to thoughtful design, attention to detail, and distinct fabric.

twentysix batick two piece

Her mother's first business venture as a child was sewing pajamas for her coworkers' children, while her older sister (the family's first entrepreneur) began by making clothes. This is something she has always been interested in. Desola borrowed her cousin's sewing machine years ago, not knowing what she was getting herself into. All she knew was she wanted to make her own clothes.

She made simple skirts for herself and her friends, and one of them commented, "hey, You  could make this work." And with that, she planted the seed of the possibility of something bigger. She began to take her work more seriously.

TwentySix is a way of expressing yourself. The brand incorporates a lot of my personal style. Desola was initially concerned that not enough people would share her tastes, but it resonated and a community began to form. They welcome the creative and expressive with their individuality, simplicity, and complexities.

TwentySix was founded on friendship, and it remains so today. They design their clothing with love, community, and good intentions in mind. They want you to feel at ease in their clothing, to experience the TwentySix goodness.

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adire skirt