Sika’a story began with an affinity for African fabrics and a deep desire to change how the world views African fashion. Founder John previously worked in fashion building another brand before deciding to set up Sika’a. He felt passionately about the lack of luxury African fashion brands and wanted to dispel the belief that luxury style is reserved for the west.

            Midi Cape dress

As a label that does not compromise on quality, Sika’a prides itself on translating a place so rich in heritage and authenticity into wearable, contemporary pieces that the modern woman can wear again and again. They do this by providing women with ethical sourced, sustainable African print garments with an unrivalled emphasis on standard and quality.

         Floral print  Mini Dress

Each unique garment is inspired by the beauty, tradition and culture of Africa. They combine textures, colours and patterns that celebrate the African form, transforming them into versatile silhouettes, from sweeping maxi dresses to flattering pencil skirts. These colours and patterns are as bold and vibrant as the African landscape itself, blending sunset oranges, vivid greens and azure blues in an array of floral and animal prints.

                carton color trousers
Without doubt, Sika’a has got one of the best design in African fashion industry. Fashtracker will complete each look by linking you up with the best 2022 trendy accessories. You can pair the floral print mini dress with FT Label cristal with pearl earing to knock off a cute look.
      Crystal earing with pearls