Pichulik uses the language of African artistry and ornamentation to honour the bravery and beauty innate in all women, everywhere, as echoed in the words, You are Enough.

The Nest Collective's Not African Enough features a selection of words and images from emerging Kenyan designers who are contributing to our country's shifting aesthetic. Their story is one of defying unreasonable expectations of what African design should look like, and of intellectually and aesthetically engaging their consumers – and indeed contemporary culture – with their work.

Pichulik | Samba Hoop Earrings Brass


Each piece is a talisman, handcrafted from unusual, organic materials into unique forms that tell the stories of courageous women and celebrate empowering feminine narratives. Each collection depicts a different stage of a heroine's odyssey, which is rich in mythology, symbolism, and transformation.

PICHULIK is a South African ethical jewelry and accessories atelier based in Cape Town. PICHULIK seeks to impart sacred feminine wisdom through its unique and intentional designs, which are rooted in Africa and inspired by ancient traditions and cultures from around the world.

Pichulik | Summer Keyring Rope and Brass

The PICHULIK team is a pan-African collective of spirited women who handcraft everything in our flagship studio in Cape Town's creative East City Precinct.
Every piece of jewelry is made by a single artist, imbued with her own unique design skill and creative magic, and is led by Founder and Creative Director Katherine-Mary Pichulik.

PICHULIK employs women, collaborates with women, and outsources to local women-owned small businesses in order to promote job creation and economic activity in communities, as well as to champion and augment women's earning capacity.

Pichulik | Laetitia Necklace brass and rope

They have a sister care Act that caters to both educational and emotional needs of sisters (Women) around the African globe and in extension the world.