The Nuuba lady is elegant and worldly. She totally embraces her femininity while remaining unobtrusive. She is both global and unique. She exudes effortless style. She travels from Capetown to Tulum, Marrakesh to Bali, and wherever her wanderlust leads her.

Nuuba makes use of cotton, which is soft. linen that is luxurious. breathable, environmentally friendly materials. Elegant but fun silhouettes. These are at the heart of Nuuba Sustainable Resort Wear, an independent design line that seamlessly transitions from beachwear to event attire.

The brand's beating heart is a bold message against rapid fashion. Our clothing is produced to order or in small batches.

Nuuba is unabashedly female-owned, black-led, and African-based. The capsule collections are manufactured by excellent local tailors and seamstresses in Dakar, Senegal, in a tiny sewing department.


Haoua Mamoudou, the brand's founder, is proud of the creative teamwork that goes into putting together the brand's sophisticated items; they design limited-edition designs while the dressmakers bring the concepts to reality.

If you love this brand, then you have got to love Titi Bello a premium women’s brand offering a Made To Measure label, accessories, and bridal services to women. She sees clothes as a tool with which women can feel empowered - emotionally for the wearer and financially for the dressmaker.

       Kimono Inspired Maxi Wrap Dress
African fashion designs at it finest