Marté Egele

This creative adventure began when creator Uche Egele, at the age of three, actively participated in creating costumes for her dolls under the careful eye of her artistic mother. Several years later, this same passion was the driving force behind the creation of exciting, bold, and one-of-a-kind items for the Marté Egele collection of leather accessories.

Moving to the United States, where she acquired a bachelor's degree in Marketing as well as a Professional Designation in Sales, she found how to better express herself and efficiently put her imagination into action. She was accepted soon after graduating to the famous Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) Los Angeles to study Womenswear.


She learned the abilities she needed to become an accomplished fashion designer while she was there. It was in this context that she learnt to appreciate the distinct skill sets she had acquired throughout time and to supplement those talents with fresh knowledge gained while learning the profession in an academic (yet practical) setting.
She obtained meaningful job with top American niche brands such as Elisabeth Weinstock and True Religion Brand Jeans after hard hours at FIDM LA and with the assistance of encouraging friends and family who assisted her along the way. She came home to Lagos, Nigeria, when the time was perfect, and worked for a leading womenswear brand, GREY, where she learnt the ins and outs of the business.

The deliberate blend of her native Nigerian style with the western culture where she was professionally schooled reflects her aim to produce and promote distinctive, high-quality items. She makes certain that each leather product, which is meticulously created by local artists, is enjoyable and interesting. The combination of geometric forms and cross-stitch weavings opens up her imagination to a world of possibilities, which we'll discover together as she leads you on a journey. ​