LilaBare's mission has always been to empower every living entity that interacts with their creations, whether it's the cotton plant, the fabric weaver, you, the wearer...and all those who contribute to your clothing's life journey.

They inspire you to try on your Urithi: Heirloom Collection pieces in different ways... you may find that your style, tastes, and choices evolve over time, and each piece is designed to adapt with you.

This collection embodies how we fulfill our mission to create things that are meaningful beyond conventional clothing, as well as the reasons behind the decisions we make at each step of the process of creating purposeful fashion.

Their first stage toward tidying up the fashion industry is to consume what the industry has already created. Having to clean up the industry waste is the first step toward a fully circular fashion production model: they must use all of our existing resources to make room for new ones. To ensure that no resources end up in landfill, they source textiles from manufacturing excess. Their designs are inspired by what we discover.

Foozak Shorts

When their fabric arrives at the atelier and sampling unit in Kenya, they closely monitor it and use every inch of it. They repurpose the excess fabric from cutting garments into reusable packaging, pocket squares, and garment trims.

Each component of your Lilabare garment is carefully chosen from our sustainable parameters. Handcraft and industrial waste, as well as our inspiration, come from all over the world. We like to know the stories of each individual who has worked on each element that we work with, and we trace each material back to its source.

 Louise Cape Dress 

If you love this brand, then you have got to love Titi Bello a premium women’s brand offering a Made To Measure label, accessories, and bridal services to women. She sees clothes as a tool with which women can feel empowered - emotionally for the wearer and financially for the dressmaker.

       Kimono Inspired Maxi Wrap Dress
African fashion designs at it finest
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