A high-end apparel company with roots in Johannesburg that values tailoring and indigenous African craftsmanship. By addressing forbidden subjects in a style of sculptural clothing design, the goal is to educate about African history and inspire fantasy of the mind. Through our apparel, we welcome unrestricted creativity and work to convert our customers into anything they desire to be.

The skull is a skeletal structure that supports the brain in the human head. It is made up of bones. The power of a skull symbolizes the basis of life and death and serves as a reminder that we are creatures of creation.

The skull and bones that make up the foundation of a human body are treasured in their home. Similar to a couture house, a skull is the best creative structure that plays an important part in safeguarding the brain. Tailors and couture designers play a role in using the best materials to create clothes that suit a human body like their skin and flesh.

Joseph and Doris, who together make up the name "Jodorry," are represented by the skull of the brand. The skull is still visibly alive after death, which represents strength and superpower. They believe that through enabling people to experience an afterlife in their most spiritual selves, clothing and textiles should convert people into strong creatures.