Jewel Jemila

The Jewel Jemila brand is an effortlessly feminine, ready to wear brand. 

Jewel Jemila was founded to fill the gaps in the wardrobe for special occasions. Founder, Jemila Yesufu began her career studying marketing at De Montfort University, then went on to train at Jemiriana African Fashion before creating the Jewel Jemila brand. 
She saw a need in the Nigerian market for ladies who desire to dress in a way that enhances their natural attractiveness... “Nigerians are passionate about fashion and events, and she wanted my company to cater to ladies who wanted to feel and look beautiful regardless of their size or shape. 
She wanted to establish an inexpensive brand for the ordinary lady that was stylish, refined, and chic.” (Yesufu). 

The Jewel Jemila piece is sophisticated, classy and designed for movement, infused with bright colors and simple lines to compliment any figure.
Gowns are mostly made with print silk in interesting color. While other outfits such as two-piece, tops, skirts and lounge wears are made with fabrics of all types. 

Accessories tie your ensemble together. They create interesting detail where clothes are simple or plain. Accessories add personality to your look and give you an opportunity to express your unique personal style. Accessories add versatility. Fashtracker is the right plug for all the cute accessories you need. 

If you are a Lover of Jewel Jemila, then you have just got to love Ibilola Ogundipe (Ibilola Ogundipe creates sophisticated yet functional made-to-measure pieces for every body type.)


Price Range: $62-$128

N 25,000-N53,000