Funke Adepoju

Her love for designing began a few years ago when she was in the University and started re-inventing old t-shirts and skirts for her classmates, giving them a more edgy, sophisticated appeal through beading and embellishments. 

Adire African print maxi gown

Funke Adepoju is an ethical womenswear brand based out of the bustling city of Lagos in Nigeria. At the heart of the brand is their desire to empower women who wear their clothes , but more importantly empower the women who make them. They are proud to work with female artisans who are enriched by the income they provide. Funke‘s collection largely supports local craft and trade, using traditional techniques such as ‘adire’ ( a traditional print method indigenous to the Yoruba culture a tribe in the south western part of Nigeria) to bring to life her pieces.

African print off shoulder corset gown

Funke Adepoju is currently stocked on (UAE) and multiple independent boutiques across Africa and North America.

The brand Funke Adepoju was birthed in 2008 The brand has proudly showcased its pieces at the MTN Lagos Fashion & Design Week 2011, Heineken Lagos Fashion and design week 2015, ARISE fashion week 2012 and 2018, Studio 53extra, amongst others.

African print Pink flare skirt

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Price Range: $170-$200

  N71,000- N 83,000