AyodeleJayne Lagos is a modern female company that is passionate about expressing style and confidence through women's apparel.
Their leather products and clothes assortment will cater to today's lady who is powerful but feminine, confident yet fun, smart yet eccentric, and modest yet edgy.
AyodeleJayne Lagos was founded on four fundamental principles: cooperation, excellence, creativity, and integrity, and this has always been the driving force instilled and firmly ingrained in our brand, which channels style and confidence in women via fashion.

Since its inception in 2017, the company's purpose and mission has been to consistently surpass their customers' expectations via a willingness to learn and improve our procedures, work ethic, and output. This, in turn, has enabled sustainability in the design industry.

Ayodele J. Adetimehin, the company's creator and creative director, has always been interested in fashion and style. Her years in the business sector aided in the realisation of her idea of delivering wardrobe alternatives to today's successful and diverse lady. This enthusiasm, which began with giving personal shopping services along with style advice, grew over time and resulted in the birth of the AyodeleJayne brand.

Black and red stretchy shimmer mini dress with drapey overlay