Atto Tetteh believes that Africa's story has yet to be told. The brave, powerful, and daring African has always been a popular figure. This fashion style is defined by colour, warmth, vitality, refinement, and sartorial grace.

Atto Tetteh has received recurring attention for its work in fashion over the last decade and has been published in Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, The Guardian, and other publications. Atto Tetteh, one of Ghana's finest men's apparel labels, is known for blending streetwear components to produce high-fashion ensembles for the modern man. Despite being largely a male firm, the brand does dabble in a few pieces for ladies, using high-quality fabrics to meet today's, fashionable lady.

The luxuriating company offers quality and stylish clothing with a touch of African culture to men and women all around the world. We create clothing that makes the Atto Tettehman and lady seem wonderful by using carefully selected fabrics and paying close attention to detail.

The Atto Tetteh team works together to ensure that every artwork created conveys a narrative. The brand's fundamental aim is to produce and embrace cultural stories via designs that honour the Atto Tetteh man and woman.