AMILA was founded in response to the demand for a beauty brand that values and welcomes black women and men.

Growing up as a dark skin girl comes with poor self-esteem and a lack of confidence, especially in this area of the globe where light skin individuals are given so much attention.

Her mother nursed her brothers with shea butter and coconut oil, so shea butter is a go-to product in her family for anything skin-related.

When she got to high school, she noticed that her classmates used famous skincare goods while she was stuck with her shea butter, which caused her to be excluded from beauty conversations, which triggered feelings of feeling unaccepted or inadequate.\

Abolade Amila's founder conducted research and acquired all of the information she required to launch her beauty line utilising African Shea butter so that every black skin girl may nourish her skin with all-natural products and find the beauty that lies inside.

AMILA is inspired by traditional home remedies that have been passed down through generations to provide the best quality skincare components that are simple and natural.

Their objective is to revitalise the traditional skincare tradition with a dash of technology in order to enrich the melanin skin.

Their brand emphasises the concept that when you consider yourself beautiful, you seek acceptance from the inside. That self-acceptance creates beauty within, which radiates out.

When you love and accept yourself, it's easy to exude beauty! They recognise that self-acceptance is a common need, so their products are available for everyone, regardless of skin tone or skin type, to cherish and enjoy. 

They are dedicated to assisting individuals in enhancing their exterior attractiveness, which begins on the inside. They uphold this commitment by creating gorgeous items with natural components.

When you think natural, AMILA NATURALS wants you to think of their products because they are delicate, natural, and easy.