29byAdelé is a Nigerian designer brand that was founded by Adeola Adelé with the intention of creating timeless essentials for the modern-day woman. Adeola, who had always been a creative soul, had a keen eye for putting looks together from a young age. She aspired to be more than just a regular girl who could whip up a nice skirt on a whim and enjoy the incoming compliments. As she grew older, her desire to create more and make a bigger impact led her to establish 29ByAdelé.

The brand's vision is to make a positive difference on the continent and to help women all over the world reach their full potential and become economic drivers by providing them with luxury outfits that are not only comfortable but also speak class.

Amethyst suit set from 29byadele

The brand's mission is to revolutionize the approach to fashion, with the goal of empowering women of all races to feel confident, classy, and powerful. They strive to make women more conscious about what to wear, when to wear it, and where to wear it. 29byAdelé designs its outfits with the intention of making women feel confident and bringing out the best version of themselves.