Women Who Work: Formal Sector, Tech Queens, and Mums!

Formal Edition

The enormous challenges women continue to face in finding, and keeping decent formal jobs, continues to plague the economic potential, of African countries.
We are highlighting women who continue to strive to create pathways for themselves in the formal sector, all over the continent, whilst also contributing majorly to their homes, and the societies we live in.

Mum Edition:

 African countries do women a disservice by ignoring the productive work mothers do at home. Child care is a full time job for many mums, and all mums - formally employed, or not sacrifice huge parts of their lives to cater to their children.
Many women who would rather raise their children themselves aren’t able to, as there is no welfare that caters to them - they must go out to work.
The situation becomes even worse, when women who do venture outside the home are still discriminated against, and thrown into jobs that are not liberating, or empowering.
How do we make progress in an environment that does not support women either way?
Let’s give it up for mums! You do an amazing job!

Tech Queens Edition:

For the tech industry in particular, the equal representation of women and men may still have decade's worth of work left to go. Studies show that women in the tech industry constitute only 28% of professionals in the sector worldwide, and just 30% in Sub-Saharan Africa. These UNESCO statistics shed some light on the disparity between women and men in the tech sector. 

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