Where to Shop African Fashion in 2023

Retail therapy is a real thing! It makes us feel good. When we shop, our bodies release dopamine, the ‘feel-good hormone. We notice what other people around us and in the society are buying, wearing, and their standards of living so we also do the same most especially in the African society. African contemporary people have this knack for fashion. 

We have gathered places you can easily shop for African Fashion;

  • Fashtracker: Fashtracker connects trusted and sustainable African fashion brands to you. We aim to be the go-to fashion destination within Africa, and globally, for African brands - providing you with fashion items for any occasion. We are creating a community for both retailers and consumers which allows for seamless transactions and ease of purchase. The aim is to design a process that makes it easy for you to find exactly what you are looking for- Colour, size, style, event appropriate e.t.c. 
  • Wanni Fuga: Wanni Fugas value proposition lies in her unique ability to produce ready to wear outfits with trend-setting abilities. A perfect combination of dresses, co-ord sets, and individual killer pieces will give your wardrobe an instant revamp!.African Fashion designer Toluwani Wabara, is the brain behind the Wanni Fuga concept. Her designs are centred around African gowns and two pieces for women who will like to stand out in any formal occasion, party, wedding, religious event, homecoming, African history month or family reunion. These clothing are carefully made with locally and responsibly sourced materials to be made by the best designers from Africa and can be ordered to your custom fit. Click here to shop.
  • 1964: The 1964 brand is an e-commerce womenswear brand in Lagos Nigeria which exists to promote self-care through minimalist clothing for the modern woman. They aim to be the go-to global brand for women sourcing comfort clothes.

1964's goal is to teach women the value of self-care and making choices for themselves especially when it comes to something as simple as choice of clothes. Click here to shop

  • Titi Bello: TITI BELO is a premium women’s brand offering a Made To Measure label, accessories, and bridal services to women. They see clothes as a tool with which women can feel empowered - emotionally for the wearer and financially for the dressmaker. Belo's homeland is notorious for its regressive attitudes toward women, and her label exists not to promote those attitudes, but also to celebrate maximalist expressions of themselves that allow women to enjoy their freedoms and desires, and take responsibility for themselves to take responsibility for how they are perceived in the world. Click here to shop
  • Lady Biba: Lady Bibia encourages local handcraft by sourcing high-quality raw materials locally and assembling teams with competence in all phases of the creative process. From conception to completion, architecture to communication and photography, and retail interior design to final product display. Corporate social responsibility can manifest itself in a variety of ways. The firm values women's equality, a pleasant working environment, labour rules, and fair trade.

Lady Biba is Known for gowns  that flatter different body types especially curvy women, aesthetically pleasing garments that do not sacrifice practicality and always elegant click here to shop.

  • For Style sake: For Style Sake is a brand for the multifaceted African woman. Their pieces

include workwear and occasion wear, but also funkified traditional wear, all in an array of bold colours and patterns. The brand is exciting and creates some very interesting stand out pieces; the cherry on top, they love ruffles!

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