Skintracker: 5 Ways to Take Care of Your Skin

Many of us are unmindful of the significance of proper skincare. For instance, did you know that your skin is sensitive to both internal and external factors? This means that if you have a poor diet or are stressed out, these effects will show up on your skin – in addition to other environmental factors like pollution.

Even if you take care of what’s going into your body, it can still affect your skin because there are substances seen in cosmetics and toiletries that can breed irritation or allergies. 

Here are 5 ways to take care of your skin:

  • Washing your face and body, removes dirt, oil and bacteria that accumulate and make your pores appear larger. It's important to wash your face when you wake up however, you can have your bath a few hours after. Again, you should take a shower to remove dirt from the day before you go to bed. You should also wash your face after you sweat or work out.  You should use a gentle, natural body wash such as our Shea Tribe organic black soap. 
  • We are daily exposed to germs that cause damage to our skin, most especially Our faces which is why it is beneficial to use serums after washing our faces. The serum contains vitamin A, Vitamin C vitamin E  these ingredients help to repair dead skin and gives a glowing appearance.
  • Another sure way to keep soft and radiant skin is by using Body butter. Good body creams should contain vitamin E, glycerin, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin C.
  • Stay hydrated. As simple as this sounds, it's very effective when dutifully followed. It even comes with other health benefits such as having a healthy Kidney, flushing bacteria from your bladder, normalizing blood pressure amongst others. 
  • Sun screen works magic than you. Going out in the sun without protection can damage the collagen and connective tissues of your skin — and that means you can lose elasticity and gain wrinkles. 

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