Post-partum Body What to Wear 

 When you're pregnant, you're looking forward to the first signs of a belly bulge. And for good reason: it's a sure indicator that you're expecting a gorgeous little kid. That postpartum belly pooch is likely to remain after you give birth, and while it may not be as charming, it's all okay and perfectly normal! This lovely body of yours has just given birth to your new little kid, and while things may not feel the same as they did before, now is the time to rejoice.  

Dressing your newly postpartum curves may be hard business while you wait for your uterus to return to normal size and, if you like, work your way back to your pre-baby appearance. So here are a few tips to help you outfit your postpartum pup with elegance and confidence. 

  • Dress in dark colors. Dark hues absorb light, reducing shadows, which can disguise your body's contours and create an overall silhouette. Black leggings are your greatest buddies right now, as they were most likely during your pregnancy. The more stretchy the waist, the better, because your days will likely be spent nursing a baby around the clock, and you need to be as comfy as possible. A basic pair of black leggings fit with absolutely anything and allow you to appear stylish and put together while being comfy.


  • Nursing Bra: You have huge, thick, heavy breasts: A nursing bra can support your nursing breasts' increased weight. It can also help to strengthen Cooper's ligaments, preventing your breasts from drooping later on! Nursing pads can also be used inside a nursing bra to absorb extra breast milk from leaking breasts. It will also keep breast shells in place to protect and treat your painful nipples.

  • Postpartum/ Nursing dresses: Jumpsuits and dresses will be your best friends, especially if the item is constructed with few seams or lines.  A v-neck sleeveless slip cotton jersey slip dress can seem simple and be readily paired with a midi-length long cardigan duster, which is your major goal at this point. This will be done using a slip-on white shoe that is easy to put on and take off. You should dress in breathable, lightweight clothes. 
CARLY Mustard Shirtdress
  • Keep it loose and flowing. Pregnancy provided a chance to experiment with tighter silhouettes to showcase the baby bump. If you have a tiny remaining baby tummy that you wish to hide, you should avoid form-fitting clothing that clings to your waist.
  • Accept the mom jeans trend. They aren't dubbed "mom jeans" for nothing. High-waisted denim will be your greatest friend throughout the postpartum period, keeping your tummy tucked in and safe.
  • Shirt dress: Shirt dresses seldom fit across the chest or hips. The secret is to go looser at first, then add structure with a belt or jacket. Alternatively, a structured purse and heels. An oversized shirt dress exemplifies how to approach your new wardrobe—it feels both comfy and luxurious, and it can adjust to shifting sizes without seeming cheap.

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