Funding In The African Fashion Industry


The first and maximum use of funds is to get the business off ground funds can assist companies to discover an excellent team while hiring. It will assist the team’s salary until at least the brand begins to make income or maybe achieve a breakeven point. Apart from the salary front, a corporation that receives tagged as being invested in, reveals it is lots less complicated to lease exceptional humans as compared to the startups with no investment assistance. 

Starting a fashion business in Africa is lucrative, however, the importance of funding at the beginners stage can not be underrated. I have curated a list of where you can get funding for your African fashion business start up. 

  1. Roberta Annan: IFFAC nurtures and develops the African creative and cultural industry by providing technical and financial support to transform businesses in this sector into sustainable enterprises. We focus on developing creatives across the 16 sub-sectors of Africa’s Cultural and Creative Industry. 
  2. Birimiam: Standing out from the crowd. Birimian’s mission is to turn visionary, daring and proficient African creatives. Our curation strategy can accept distinguishing and partnering with brands at the forefront of the creative scene, writing through their creation, the continent’s new narrative.  Birimian and also the Institut Français American state la Mode are supporting African rising designers through a different accelerator program for young artistic completes supported the African continent or within the diaspora. elect designers and brands are offered personalized assistance, coaching job consultatory services for the development of their company by an ardent team of pros and business experts, in the main areas of experience needed for a young creative company: brand identity, offer, distribution, production, image and communication, budget and financing.
  3.  Fashionomics:  Africa promotes investments in the textile and fashion sectors through leveraging data, statistics and conversation technology to drive development. The initiative additionally targets growth entrepreneurs’ access to finance through conventional and non-conventional channels, at the same time as presenting enterprise competencies to start-up founders and teams of workers in addition to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.
  4. Bank of IndustryThe Bank of Industry Limited (BOI) is Nigeria’s oldest financing institution. provide financial support for the establishment of large, medium and small businesses, as well as for the expansion, diversification and modernization of existing companies; and refurbishment of existing ones.
  5. Crowd funding: The Fashionomics Africa feasibility report covered the analysis of the potential of crowdfunding for the fashion industry in Africa. These are the main crowdfunding platforms globally:, Indiegogo, Rocket hub. 

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