Meet Kunmi of 1964 - Creator Focus (Series 1)

The 'Creator Focus' is a segment in which we let you in to the world of our brand partners. They are resilient entrepreneurs who have stuck with their passion and make a living out of it. Isn't that the dream? What's not to know? Get to know more about fashion in Nigeria and the business behind it. Enjoy our very first interview with Kunmi, the founder of 1964.

Kunmi's brand, 1964 is all about breathability - the ethos is calmness and easiness and It runs through every seam on her designs. As you can imagine, she is laid back herself, but very much about her business! Here are a few words from Kunmi.


1. What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

I drink tea, turn on my worship playlist and work out sometimes


2. Why did you start your fashion brand?

I started my fashion brand because I wanted to wear comfortable clothes that cuts across all occasions  and It was always hard finding those 


3. What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion is self expression through your clothes, accessories and every other thing you put on your body


4. What is your design process like?

Hmmm this depends on my mood. Sometimes I see a fabric I love and use every bit of it even if it means making only a few dresses.  Other times I create a design from scratch and look for the fabric and accessories that work. 


5. What does success look like for you?

Success is seeing people happy wearing my creations. Success is good feedback from my customers 

Success is just helping people achieve their style goals through 1964 outfits 


6. Has fashion been a lifelong passion or newfound love?

It has been a lifelong passion. I used to make my mum buy me dolls and sewing kits so I can make dresses for them. However that was where it ended. My love for fashion was revived in my third year in university when my course mate asked me to assist him in designing and creating clothes for a fashion show and I haven’t looked back since then. I dabbled into fashion blogging for a bit and here we are. 


7. How do you think the Nigerian Fashion industry can be improved?

It’s a whole learning process for both the designers and the consumers. There needs to be a change in mindset on the consumer side that clothes made in Nigeria don’t have to be cheap because there’s a lot that goes into production.

The designers also have to match their prices with quality products. This way, people start to trust the system more and it’s a win-win situation.


8. How will you define your personal style? Does it influence your designs?

Yes my personal style is effortless and chic and all 1964 designs revolves around that.


9. How do you make sure your products are at a good standard?

Through proper quality checks and using quality fabric and products at all times.


10. What is your personal favorite item you have designed?

The Amelia dress!


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11. Tell us a secret about you!

Haha then it won’t be a secret anymore


13. Colors or Neutral?



14. Who is the 1964 woman?

The 1964 woman prioritises her mental, physical and emotional well-being above all else. 


15. What do you think your brand represents in today's world?

1964 represents what everyone else needs. Slowing down in a world that won’t stop moving.


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  • I really do love the 1964brand, Kunmi also is really an extraordinary person and I’m glad for where the brand is heading.


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