Beauty Hack: The Right Water Temperature for your Face

Even though a hot shower can feel like heaven, it doesn't necessarily treat your skin with angelic care. Whether to wash your face with hot or cold water is still up for debate. We'll discuss whether hot water should be used to wash your face in the paragraphs that follow, as well as whether it's actually detrimental to your skin. Let's begin. 

Should You Use Hot or Cold Water to Wash Your Face?

Which should you use to wash your face—hot or cold water? Even though this subject has been hotly debated for a while, we're now bringing it to a close. The plain truth is that washing in hot water damages your skin. Your skin's organic oils are removed by it. Your skin may become dry as a result, which may set off a series of events: weakened moisture barriers result from dry skin, which can exacerbate existing skin problems. To lessen the likelihood of irritation, wash and rinse your face with lukewarm water instead.

Using mild, non-abrasive cleaning products can also help prevent skin pain, redness, and aggravation of any existing skin conditions.

You likely have a good notion of our position on the topic of washing your face with hot water at this point. However, an excellent moisturiser will be even more crucial if you wash your face with hot water that is too hot and wind up drying up your skin.

Try Facial Creams with SPF during the day. With the support of glacial glycoprotein and fountain plant extract, its recipe works to protect your skin with broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection while also offering intensive 24-hour hydration. It absorbs rapidly and leaves your skin feeling smooth, balanced, and comfortable while maintaining a healthy appearance.

While washing your face with lukewarm water is recommended, cold water also offers advantages. You might appear revitalised and refreshed after using cold water because it tightens the appearance of your skin. Additionally, it increases circulation, which, albeit momentarily, might help your skin look better.

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