African Fashion Investors

Birimian Holdings: Birimian, which is based in Abidjan and Paris, seeks to provide companies with long-term financing ranging from $30,000 to $3 million at various phases of growth. It will offer brand consultancy and coaching, as well as help businesses develop their manufacturing and distribution capacity and get worldwide visibility. Furthermore, the firm intends to assist companies in strengthening their internal control and financial planning procedures, as well as in implementing long-term expansion strategies.

EFI Accelerator Programme: The Ethical Fashion Initiative is a public-private cooperation between a UN programme (under the ITC, a joint UN-WTO body), a number of social entrepreneurs, and various industry partners.

EFI, which was founded in 2009, now works at the crossroads of international development, the creative industries, and the fashion and leisure sectors, providing sustainability services, products, and development initiatives.

EFI presently heads the UN Alliance for Sustainable Fashion, an effort of United Nations agencies and affiliated organisations aimed at contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals via coordinated action in the fashion sector.

Baobab NetworkThey offer a world-class accelerator programme that helps Africa's most daring inventors expand local ideas.

Their accelerator programme is intended to provide you with the financing and platform you require to take your company global.

In return for 10% ownership, we give start-ups $50,000 USD in capital and a 3-month cohort programme that includes individualised two-week consulting meetings with specialised assistance. Their venture team works with their portfolio firms to help them expand by accelerating growth, building capacity, and unlocking the next funding phases. Applications are done on their website.


The African Creatives Impact Fund (IFFAC). IFFAC was founded with the goal of consolidating luxury brands on the continent and contributing to Africa's long-term economic growth. The fund will provide African professionals with the necessary skills, networks, and cash to reach a worldwide audience. It would provide qualifying enterprises with grants and early-stage financing, as well as a structured form of technical and vocational skills training and a mentorship and networking platform. IFFAC will provide funds ranging from 10,000 to 50,000 euros for chosen projects. Entrepreneurs who successfully complete specified skill-building exercises will be eligible for venture financing ranging from 250,000 to 2 million euros toward an approved company plan. 

IFFAC promotes and develops the African creative and cultural industries by giving technical and financial assistance to firms in this area in order to convert them into viable enterprises. They focus on developing creatives across Africa's cultural and creative industries' 16 sub-sectors. Following a proposal to our investment committee and a reviewed business plan, pre-selected startups can get initial capital of up to €2M. Technical assistance and support will be offered as well.

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