3 Women in tech that we love

At Fashtracker we see and recognize consistency, hard work, and dedication.
Today we will be be talking about some women in Tech that we love.

3 Women in tech that we love:
Koromone Koroye
Seun Runsewe
Ibukun Akinnawo

Koromone Koroye: Koromone Koroye is a creative storyteller, communications specialist, and brand manager with over 10 years of professional working experience. She
currently serves as TechCabal's Managing Editor and is responsible for leading newsroom operations, assigning pitches, and managing a small but efficient team of reporters at the publication. She is passionate about technology, business, and African women in tech. She enjoys writing about the future of technology in Africa and enjoys working with fintech companies in Africa and around the world.
She manages a column called 'Centre Stage' on TechCabal's website and also writes features on African founders, industry leaders, and managers.

Seun Runsewe: A seasoned Business Leader and advocate for people and development. Started a career advising FS institutions and coordinating efforts to push the frontiers of financial services in Africa across banking,
payments and financial risk management with a big-four consulting firm. She Moved into the technology space to build businesses
geared toward improving payments in the expanding digital economy and empowering Nigerians to build wealth by leading business development and partnerships to deliver products.

Ibukun Akinnawo: Ibukun Akinnawo is a fintech professional passionate about making people and processes work better than they already do.
With over 6 years of experience working in the BPO then fintech industry as an authority on intrapreneurship, striking strategic partnerships and operational efficiency at companies like Paystack, PawaPay and Kuda Bank. Until August 2021, She worked as Launch Lead for West Africa at PawaPay where She spearheaded the company’s launch efforts on the continent.


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