Top 5 Nigerian Bridal Designers

Mai Afafo of Atafo Official: Atafo is a Nigerian fashion designer and stylist. He is renowned for putting together exquisite bespoke bridal pieces for both men and women. He plunged into the bridal fashion industry in 2011 (weddings by Mai) after his resignation as the lead editor for Genevieve magazine ever since then his career in the fashion industry has shown tremendous growth. His brand is a force to reckon with. 

April By Kunbi: April By Kunbi is the brainchild of Olakunbi Oyelese, a graduate of the famed Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Founded in the spring of 2010 and inspired by the month of April. April By Kunbi is a style label that specializes in Custom bridal gowns, bespoke evening attire in addition to jewelry and add-ons for girls who place a premium on the principles of fashion, fit, functionality and uniqueness. Olakunbi Oyelese is surely one of the most sought Bridal designers in Africa.

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Deola SagoeMs Deola Ade-Ojo is a Nigerian born style designer who's popularly recognised by her design name, Deola Sagoe. She commenced designing in 1988 whilst she joined her mother’s commercial enterprise that allows you to increase the label’s repertoire to embody more modern designs for the ever-developing, cosmopolitan high-brow society. Using African hand-woven materials in which she brought to existence a number of wonderful cultures; and contemporizing almost-misplaced conventional African techniques, Deola quickly has become an icon in her field.

The Wardrobe Manager:  The Wardrobe Manager is Nigeria’s premier bridal styling company and they offer not only the perfect looks but a convenient and reliable fashion experience for brides-to-be. With a successful track record in the wedding industry and an array of experienced, trained, and certified style consultants, it is our pleasure to add elegance, style, and perfection to a bride’s special day.

Andrea Iyama: Andrea Iyamah owned by Nigerian fashion designer Andrea Dumebi Iyamah, is a clothing line strongly inspired by ethnic cultures and elements of nature. Founded in 2011, Andrea Iyamah adopts design elements that stay true to creating authentic clothing and resort wear that celebrate her African roots and cultures beyond. Inspired by travel and nature, the bold colours, modern femininity, retro classic silhouettes and a contemporary edge appeals to the A.I woman who is an adventurer in spirit, mind and style.


Nigerian womenswear brand, Mazelle Studio; Launched in 2017, is understood for fashioning the conventional Adire material into precise silhouettes embellished with sensitive gildings to make a statement and exquisite pieces. Adire; indigo-dyed material made in Nigeria, is certainly considered one among Mazelle Studio’s many defining hallmarks alongside different extraordinary factors along with sensitive ruching, hand-beaded sequins and flattering drapery.


With a whole lot of prints taking into account countless ensemble possibilities, Mazelle Studio’s bold designs are assured to liven up any wardrobe. The brand’s attention to experimental design and storytelling is clear in its collections and the zeal for authenticity is unmistakable in the notable sleek details.

Mariam Afolabi’s love for style commenced in excessive school, in the course of the holiday she would purchase style magazines and she might re-sketch the piece that fascinated her, she might additionally reduce out photos and make collages of exciting pieces. Her desire also evolved, as she would layout for her buddies and for small occasions that would take place during school.

Mariam who's a seasoned lawyer additionally debuts as creative in heart and mind. After law school, she furthered her education at Instituto Marangoni in Milano where she holds a master's degree in Fashion and Luxury brand management.

Moving back from Milan, after studying fashion business. she decided to take the out-of-the-container technique to things at the time, together with her vintage-stimulated pieces and colourful prints. This became unique for the time due to the fact people were quite receptive to the pieces at first, however, she thinks we’ve gotten to some extent in which the great creativity of the pieces speaks for themselves.

Mariam desires you to feel important, exclusive, bold, edgy and powerful while wearing any of her pieces. The Mazelle woman is a person who isn’t afraid to be extraordinary, be the centre of attraction and not afraid to take up space.

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